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Monthly Tarot Membership

Membership Options:

  • General Membership:

- Benefits:

- 2 collective membership readings per month ($300 Value)

- Early bird access and priority entry to exclusive tarot events

- Access to private Slack community ($150 Value)

- 10% discount on private reading pricing

  • VIP Membership:

- Benefits:

- All benefits of General Membership

- 20% discount on private reading pricing

- One complimentary 15 min. private reading per month

- Priority guidance during live readings (Instagram, TikTok lives)


These membership options offer a range of benefits for individuals seeking regular tarot readings and access to exclusive events and discounts. Founding members can take advantage of promotional rates before prices increase to the regular monthly fee.


  • Private 1:1 Reading (Video Call):
    $65 (30 minutes)
    $130 (60 minutes)

  • General Membership: $55 per month promo (Regular Price $85 per month)

  • VIP Membership: $111 per month promo (Regular Price $149 per month)

Tarot Monthly Membership Price Chart


Carnelian Club:
A Manifestation Coven 

Our Exclusive Community:


Part Intuition Incubator, part manifestation accelerator, our community is a sanctuary for spiritual women founders, executives, and professionals who seek a nurturing community to enhance their spiritual gifts.


Our community fosters creativity through the art and science of manifesting via identity-shifting and empowerment strategies. By exploring esoteric philosophies and modern practices in a safe, supportive space, we build professional resilience and inspire personal growth.


Our members find a collective strength, creativity, and a deeper connection to their true selves, empowering them to thrive in all aspects of their lives and businesses.


  • Founding Members: $99/month (limited time offer)

  • Regular Price: $149/month


Group Mastermind

Curated Support and Accountability:


This is a transformative space designed for professionals who are committed to elevating their personal and professional lives.


In this exclusive mastermind, you’ll collaborate with a powerful network of like-minded women, sharing insights and strategies to overcome obstacles and accelerate growth.


Through guided sessions, expert mentorship, and peer support/accountability, you'll harness the collective wisdom of the group to innovate, strategize, and manifest your highest goals.


Together, we explore advanced techniques in manifestation, leadership, and holistic success, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes and breakthroughs are commonplace. Join us to amplify your impact, gain clarity, and unlock your full potential.

Price: $888 per month


Private One-on-One Coaching

1 on 1 Support:


Our personalized, one-on-one sessions tailored to your unique needs. This bespoke coaching experience provides a safe, confidential space where you can explore your deepest aspirations, overcome personal challenges and remove blocks.


Our coaching focuses on identity-shifting and empowerment strategies, helping you align with your Highest Self and manifest your most ambitious dreams. With individualized guidance and support, you'll develop actionable plans, gain profound insights, and cultivate resilience.


Our goal is to accelerate your personal and professional transformation, enabling you to navigate life's transitions with confidence and grace. Empower yourself to thrive in every aspect of your life with our dedicated coaching program.

Price: $2222 per month

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