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Meet Nik Sallie: your powerhouse business consultant, attorney, and intuitive guide. With over 20 years of experience spanning law, marketing, and sales, Nik empowers visionary founders, executives, and professionals to achieve unparalleled success. From designing global IP reporting systems to generating over $100 million in ad revenue at Meta, Nik brings a wealth of knowledge to every project.


As the founder of her consultancy, she's dedicated to driving transformative growth and unlocking new opportunities for her clients, integrating intuitive insights to offer a holistic approach to personal and professional development. With Nik on your team, you'll gain a trusted partner and invaluable resource to navigate the complexities of today's business landscape.


For Founder, Executives and ​professionals launching a ​speaking career, podcast or new ​product/service; we’re here to ​help you stand out, authentically. ​We’ll help you create a brand built ​to last and worth protecting.

We offer highly customizable ​services to fit your business ​needs. Topics include work/life ​flow, business plan revision, ​uncovering revenue streams, ​hiring strategy, streamlining ​operations and more

From hosting/MCing your next ​luxury dinner party to faciltating a ​uniquely unforgettable team ​building workshop, our experts ​will curate an experience where ​your guests feel seen, heard and ​supported.

Business Services

We’ll address questions about life, ​love, career and more. Nothing’s ​off the table.

For Founders and Career Focused ​Souls: Discover and refine your ​pathway to success.

Gently unblock, rebalance a​nd restore your body’s natural ener​gy flo​w.

Intuitive Services


Business Tarot Reading

Thank you so much for the reading. ​Your sweet spirit and positive ​energy was so refreshing and was ​indeed needed by me. You ​confirmed what I've felt in my heart ​that I needed to do. I will take all of ​the things that you said and put ​them into motion. I can't wait to ​follow-up with you in a few months ​to let you know the status. You are ​TRULY a gem.


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