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If you're considering filing a trademark application, but not quite ready, or have more questions, check out some of these resources to help you prepare for a successful filing with Tastemakers Legal, PLLC.


5 Things You Need BEFORE Filing Your Federal Trademark Application!

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Safeguard your confidential information effortlessly with our meticulously crafted NDA templates. Our Mutual NDA ensures a reciprocal agreement between parties, fostering trust while protecting proprietary data in collaborative endeavors. Meanwhile, our One-Way/Unilateral NDA empowers you to securely disclose sensitive information, setting clear guidelines for its handling and safeguarding. Expect comprehensive contracts outlining terms, permissible uses, and strict confidentiality obligations post-purchase, enabling you to maintain control and confidentiality over your invaluable business secrets. Elevate your legal protection seamlessly with our expertly crafted NDA templates.


Elevate your brand's protection and profitability with our trademark webinars. Join us to learn critical steps for maintaining trademark registration and increasing revenue. Discover filing requirements, avoid mistakes, and implement best practices for trademark protection and monetization. Or, explore federal trademark applications, prosecution processes, and post-registration obligations to safeguard your brand's integrity and profitability. Purchase now for expert-led, attorney-curated content designed to fortify your brand and propel your success.

Innovation + Influence Trademark Webinar

Innovation + Influence Trademark Webinar

If you haven’t registered your trademark: You don’t own your brand. You’re vulnerable to IP theft. You’re losing money right now. We're changing the narrative.  We're leading the way to normalize systemically excluded visionaries owning their IP, having access to capital and serving in positions of power to impact communities for good. And yes, these macro changes start with your ideas.  Owning your IP is an investment in social advancement. Whether this is your first trademark, or your next trademark, we’re here to help you explore, protect and profit from your audacious ideas. Ready to learn how to own, protect and profit from your brands? I’m providing access to my webinar “Innovation + Influence: How to Protect and Profit from your Brands through Trademark Registrations." Here’s what we’ll cover: - When you should and should not file a federal trademark application - Key market signals - Identifying real time risks - Demystifying the federal trademark prosecution process What is the U.S.P.T.O.? - Secrets to conducting a thorough clearance search in T.E.S.S. - The timeline from application to registration - Post-registration filing requirements to keep your trademark registration active - Why you MUST own your brand via a federal trademark application - The most common types of infringement - IP as a revenue channel - Pre-litigation tactics against infringers (policing to protect your mark) - Strategies to ensure you don’t lose your trademark rights  Don't miss this.  Innovation happens where visionaries meet.
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