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File Your Own Trademark Workshop

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Discover the insider tips on filing your own USPTO trademark application in this online event. Join us as we reveal the secrets that attorneys use to successfully navigate the application process. Whether you're a business owner or an entrepreneur, this event is perfect for anyone looking to protect their brand. Learn the step-by-step process, including common pitfalls to avoid. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to gain the knowledge you need to protect your intellectual property. Register now!



What is the cost of the full-service trademark filing package?

   - The full-service package is priced starting at $3500, which covers the trademark application process, including attorney fees and government filing fees.  Please note that responses to Office Actions are billed separately.


What is included in the DIY trademark workshop?

   - The DIY workshop provides entrepreneurs with comprehensive training on how to prepare and file their own trademark application. However, it does not cover advanced topics such as conducting clearance searches or responding to office actions, which are typically part of or an add-on to the full-service package.


How much money does the DIY workshop save me?

   - At just $999, the DIY workshop offers significant cost savings compared to the full-service package, as attendees learn to file their own trademark application without incurring attorney fees. However, it's important to consider the value of your time spent on learning and executing the application process independently.

Can I attend the DIY workshop if I'm not ready to file a trademark application yet?

   - Absolutely! The DIY workshop is designed to educate entrepreneurs at all stages of the trademark process, from initial concept to final filing. Even if you're not ready to file a trademark application immediately, attending the workshop can help you prepare for future branding initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend? Owners and founders of U.S.-based small to medium size businesses who want to protect their business and Intellectual Property assets. These businesses are at least 1 year old, with completed branding, a professional website through which purchases can be made, and who are ready to file a federal trademark application at the USPTO.

Is attendance limited? Yes. Attendance is capped to ensure a high-quality, personalized and interactive experience.

What industries would this workshop be ideal for? While we cannot provide an exhaustive list here, these are some industries that would be ideal, as we already serve clients in these or similar fields: Wellness/Beauty/Fitness Education Influencers Creatives (e.g. authors, graphic designers, podcasters, photographers, film makers) Consultants

Will you offer this workshop in the future? We will offer workshops based on demand to ensure we're providing the best support. As demand changes, there's no guarantee we'll offer these in the future- if you need support now please register ASAP to secure your spot.

Why am I required to agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)? Founders, especially those newer to entrepreneurship, often worry about Intellectual Property theft and someone stealing their ideas. To alleviate this, we require everyone to sign an NDA before attending the workshop to create a safe space for candid Q&A and personalized support.

Don’t I need a lawyer to file my federal trademark application? Ideally, yes, you would hire a lawyer to file your federal application and manage this process (it could take about 18 months from filing to registration). However, it is not required and you may file your own due to varying business reasons, e.g. budget or time constraints, etc.

Why should I attend this workshop vs watching something free, like a Youtube video? We offer what these free, limited scope videos do not: resource-rich, up-to-date, easy-to-understand trademark education by a 13 year licensed trademark attorney, and a dedicated, real time Q&A to receive direct, personalized guidance and support regarding your trademark questions.

If I want to hire a lawyer to file my trademark application for me, how much would it cost? Filing costs vary widely per attorney/law firm. Currently, on average, trademark filings could cost anywhere from $3500 and up per application for an attorney to file for you. The USPTO also charges a separate government fee of $250-$350 per class of goods/services included on the application.

I’d like to try to file my own application, how do I know if the workshop is a good fit? If any of the following apply to your company/your trademark, this workshop would NOT be a good fit for you, as we will not cover these topics: International trademarks based on the Madrid Protocol, State trademarks, Trademarks for uncommon or unusual goods/services not recognized by the USPTO.

What won't be covered in the workshop? - part 1 Trademarks based on the identity/name of a person who is deceased, Trademarks owned by a 3rd party or company that have not been assigned/sold to your company, Trademark applications that have already been filed with the USPTO, but have pending issues, such as a Non-Final or Final Office Action.

What won't be covered in this workshop - part 2 Businesses with multiple owners, who have not given written permission for the trademark to be filed. Trademarks for highly-regulated complex industries, e.g. biotech, cannabis etc. Trademarks based on goods/services that would be considered illegal.

What kind of trademarks will we learn about in this workshop? There are two main types of trademarks: wordmarks and logos. We’ll cover both in the workshop.

Can I submit my trademark questions before the workshop? Yes. We’ll either provide a pre-workshop questionnaire or an email where you can send your questions ahead of time. We cannot guarantee that every question will be answered given the full schedule, but we will do our best to address the most important questions.

Can I email the Firm after the workshop if I have more questions about trademarks or filings? We’re unable to provide ad hoc email or phone support post workshop. We encourage you to ask relevant questions during the dedicated Q&A sessions throughout the workshop. If you feel your questions are complex, sensitive or your prefer 1:1 support, you can book a paid 60 minute legal consultation

What kind of questions can I ask during the Q&A sessions? Generally, if a question is super specific to an individual’s particular matter, and wouldn’t be beneficial to the group, we’ll decline to answer in a group setting. In other words, we won’t convert the Q&A session into a legal consultation to directly address one or a few attendees' questions.

I only sell my product or services in a few states- do I really need to file a federal application? Maybe. If you offer your goods and services online, ship nationally, or you're planning to expand your physical location to multiple states, a federal trademark application and registration may be a good idea/strategy to afford you the broadest trademark protection.

Can I share the recording with others in my company? No. The recording is a paid product and all accompanying materials, such as worksheets, are copyright protected and may not be shared without written permission from us. We recommend whomever is interested in filing the trademark application and has decision making power attend the workshop.

Can multiple team members attend the workshop under one purchase? No. Each purchase includes a limited license for one person. Therefore each team member would need to purchase a ticket to attend.

Will a recording be sent to attendees? If attending a virtual session, yes, barring any technical issues. In-person sessions are held in Austin, TX and are not recorded at this time. If we provide additional locations, we will include an update on our website.

Can I transfer, cancel or get a refund for my ticket if I can't attend? Given the preparation and digital nature of the offering, refunds are generally not provided, except under our specific Policy, included on our website. Once all seats are filled, we close registration, and lose the ability to offer your seat to another attendee.

Do you perform conflicts checks to prevent industry competitors from attending the same workshop? No, we do not perform formal conflict checks for non-clients. However, we do require a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement from all attendees to protect people’s privacy and create a safe space to ask questions. If you prefer 1:1 support, we recommend hiring our Firm for full service support.

Am I guaranteed to be able to file my trademark application during or after the session? There are too many unknown factors regarding each company’s trademark rights, status and business structure, and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to file your trademark application on your own or that the USPTO website will be 100% error-free.

Does purchasing a ticket and attending the workshop mean that I am a client of the Law Firm? No. The workshop provides educational resources only; neither legal advice will be provided nor attorney-client privilege established. You would only be considered a client upon hiring the Firm to represent you by signing an Engagement Letter and paying any relevant invoices.

Will I be able to file federal trademark applications for others after completing this workshop? This workshop is not intended to equip individuals or companies to offer paid trademark filing services to 3rd parties. It is only intended to assist business owners in assessing whether to file their own trademark applications or hire an attorney to do so.

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