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Don’t let money

stop you from getting

your trademark filed.

Over the years, I’ve worked with companies of all sizes and industries, from pre-seed start ups to Fortune 500.  In that time, I’ve paid close attention to the needs, challenges and blockers these companies shared with me.  


And many times the biggest blocker was budget.


While it’s not surprising, I want to make it less of an issue if I can.


Listen, as a fellow Visionary Founder, I get it.  We’re growing companies and watching every dollar for ROI.  And still, I don’t want you to lose those hard earned dollars because you left Intellectual Property on the back burner.


You know you’re building a brand, and it needs to be protected with trademark registrations.  I’d rather you have support now and run an offensive strategy, than run into an expensive issue that forces you on the defensive.


For example, one of my clients faced an unfortunate issue on Instagram when an anonymous entity created a fake account of their business profile and started DMing their customers to sell products.


This is infuriating, and fraud happens all the time on social media.  But what these criminals didn’t know was that I already had a strategic plan in place to address issues like this and protect my client.


The criminals didn’t know that I: 

  • served in leadership and helped build Facebook’s (and Instagram’s) Global IP Reporting System

  • handled over 4,000 IP cases

  • have intimate knowledge of the confidential internal policies underlying that system

  • authored some of those internal policies

  • know how to navigate that system to get favorable outcomes


So when my client was targeted, we already had a REGISTERED TRADEMARK secured and we started a legal process that forced Facebook to take action and remove the fake account within 2 MINUTES of the report being filed.  Yes, I have the receipts to prove this happened.  Watch the 20 second Success Story below.

  • No support tickets sitting in a queue unanswered for an indefinite amount of time while my client suffers significant financial loss and damage to their brand reputation.

  • No pointless back and forth with Facebook Support about why the fake account should be taken down.

The problem was eliminated because we had a trademark registration.  We had an offensive plan in place and it worked beautifully.


I want your trademark protection to be proactive, and that means we need to get your trademarks registered asap.  You may have seen my update a few months back about the unprecedented delays the USPTO is having with trademark filings, so the sooner you file, the sooner you can get in their queue for review.


To make this possible, I’m doing something I’ve never done in my legal career, EVER- I’m offering a limited time flash sale on my trademark filing services to make it more accessible to more founders.  Additionally, I’m discounting the price of my strategic consultations to make sure we get a plan in place for you.


What’s the catch?  The catch is this offer, as amazing as it is, will not be right for everyone.  


We wouldn’t be a good fit if your company:

  • Doesn’t have a clear brand strategy in place yet

  • Has $0 budget for IP Strategy

  • Needs a trademark filed with more than 3 classes

  • Needs an international trademark filed outside the U.S.

  • Hasn’t started offering products or services for sale yet

  • Is in the middle of trademark litigation


You’re a good fit if your company:

  • Has defined and established its branding

  • Is willing to invest in an IP Strategy and coachable

  • Has clearly defined products and/or services

  • Has started offering products and/or services for sale (if you’ve made sales, even better)

  • Is in any industry, but especially media, tech, retail, entertainment, beauty, wellness and professional services


Trademark Filing Services:

  • Federal Clearance Search

  • Single State Clearance Search

  • Clearance Search Report with Risk Assessment and Attorney Opinion

  • Optional 30 minute call to discuss Clearance Search results with Attorney

  • Federal trademark application filing 

  • Certificate of Registration Delivered to Client


My trademark services generally start at $3,500 per application for about 18 months of support, plus $250/hour for strategic consultations.


Your Investment:

$99 Half hour strategy consultation

$1250 Filing Services (+ $250 or $350 per class for government fee) per application

That’s about 64% off my filing services.


This promotion will only run from June 12-30. 


I have capacity to support 12 companies this month- first come, first served (you may file more than one application).  Once I reach 12, I will close the promotion, even if it’s before June 30th, and I’m not sure I’ll ever do this promotion again.  


Click the scheduling link below to fill out a brief questionnaire and set up your strategy call.  If you’ve been needing your trademarks filed but budget was an issue, now is the time to make a move and protect your business and brand.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.

To Your Success,


Summer Promotion

Federal Trademark Application Filing

  • 60 minute strategy call

  • Federal Clearance Search

  • Single State Clearance Search

  • Clearance Search Report with Risk Assessment and Attorney Opinion

  • Optional 30 minute call to discuss Clearance Search results with Attorney

  • Federal trademark application filing including government fee

  • Certificate of Registration Delivered to Client

  • Response to Office Actions billed separately

Just $1,250 per application for a limited time.*

*Does not include government filing fees of $250 or $350 per class.

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