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How to Protect and Profit from your Brands through Trademark Registrations

Learn how to own, protect and profit from your brands in my exclusive webinar “Innovation + Influence: How to Protect and Profit from your Brands through Trademark Registrations."

Here’s what we’ll cover:

When you should and should not file a federal trademark application

  • Key market signals

  • Identifying real time risks


Demystifying the federal trademark prosecution process

  • What is the U.S.P.T.O.?

  • Secrets to conducting a thorough clearance search in T.E.S.S.

  • The timeline from application to registration

  • Post-registration filing requirements to keep your trademark registration active


Why you MUST own your brand via a federal trademark application

  • The most common types of infringement

  • IP as a revenue channel

  • Pre-litigation tactics against infringers (policing to protect your mark)

  • Strategies to ensure you don’t lose your trademark rights


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