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Register Your Trademark

We understand the unique challenges associated with protecting your brand. Our Trademark Application Filing service provides clients with the peace of mind of having a skilled legal team by their side. We provide comprehensive support through the entire trademark prosecution process for wordmarks and logos, including conducting clearance searches and filing applications. Contact us today to get started!



Trademark Creation

We understand the importance of protecting your brand and ensuring your trademarks are legally sound. Therefore, we offer customized services to help clients create and choose unique, memorable, and legally protectable trademarks. Whether you are rebranding or starting from scratch, we work closely with you to ensure your company's intellectual property is safe, secure and registrable.



Monitor Your Trademark

We conduct thorough searches to ensure that third parties are not infringing on your trademark rights. By doing so, we are able to prevent any unauthorized use of your mark, and we provide protection against any confusion that may cause harm to your brand. We will monitor the trademark registration processes with the USPTO and take the appropriate measures to provide real-time protection.

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