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Free Trademark Assessment

Congrats on taking the next step to own your brand!  Please  fill out the trademark questionnaire by clicking on the link below.  An optional, short instructional video explaining the questionnaire is included above if you need it.  It should take about 10 minutes for you to complete the form.  Once we receive your answers, Attorney Sallie will evaluate whether your trademark and goods/services meet specific filing criteria that would give you a higher likelihood of securing a registration.


If we find challenges or risks, we’ll reach out and invite you to schedule a consult to further discuss your options and how we can support you.

If we find that the trademark is viable, we’ll reach out and invite you to become a Client of the Firm.  Once you confirm you’d like to move forward, we’ll send you an Engagement Letter for signature, invoice and link for an optional call.


While limited-time promotions can be revoked at any time, any applicable promotions at the time of the assessment may be automatically applied to your invoice.


Due to the high volume of interest, please allow 5-7 business days for your assessment results to be delivered to you.

DISCLAIMER: Please note the assessment is not a comprehensive national Clearance Search and does not guarantee registration.  It is an evaluation of the strength and quality of your trademark in combination with your goods/services at the time of the assessment.  Strength and quality are indicators of a likelihood of securing registration, not a guarantee.  Hundreds of thousands of trademark applications are filed each year through the USPTO, and there are instances where individuals in similar industries may file for a confusingly similar trademark, which in turn would prevent registration for one or both parties.  Therefore, the timing of the filing is also a key component to registration success.

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